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Aomori: A New Favorite Destination for Chinese Tourists

Aomori, Feb 07 (News On Japan) - With the Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival, fast approaching this weekend, Japan is seeing an increase in the number of tourists visiting. On Chinese social media, Aomori Prefecture's official account has reached an astonishing 1.3 million followers, surpassing the population of the prefecture itself. This popularity has made Aomori a hot topic among travel enthusiasts.

Aomori Prefecture's official Weibo account stands out with its 1.3 million followers, a testament to its extraordinary popularity compared to other prefectures. Posts on the platform highlight the region's allure, with comments such as, "The seafood and apple ice cream are incredibly delicious. I want to visit again," "Aomori's winter is even more beautiful with the snow," and "I just left Aomori, and I already miss it..."

Visiting a local market in Aomori City, the presence of tourists from China and Taiwan was already noticeable. Employees, incorporating English into their service, greeted customers warmly. Tourist facilities displaying the famous Nebuta are also drawing crowds. One such facility allows visitors to closely view the floats used in the Aomori Nebuta Festival, attracting many tourists from China, Taiwan, and beyond. Staff at the reception were seen assisting guests in English, catering to those who do not speak Japanese by also offering services in English and Chinese.

A reception staff member shared, "Some days, 70 to 80 percent of our visitors are from abroad. We try to make them feel welcome by using even just a few words in their language."

Inside the venue, visitors can access explanations of the Nebuta in English and Chinese by scanning a QR code, part of the effort to enhance the Aomori experience with meticulous service.

Reflecting on the satisfaction of the visitors, one Chinese tourist remarked, "Being able to touch this culture, history, and craftsmanship was incredibly enjoyable. I don't think Aomori is inferior to Tokyo."

Regarding this surge in Aomori's popularity, a prefectural official noted, "This is the result of steadily continuing our information dissemination efforts since the account was established in 2011." This commitment has not only introduced Aomori's cultural and scenic beauty to a global audience but has also positioned the prefecture as a must-visit destination in Japan, rivaling even Tokyo in the eyes of international tourists.

Source: FNN


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