Education | Feb 09

High School Students Team Up with AEON Retail for Bento Box Project

AICHI, Feb 09 (News On Japan) - Bento boxes developed by high school have been on sale at AEON stores in Aichi Prefecture since Wednesday, as part of the "Kids' Lunch Bento Box" program, allowing students to learn the basics of business firsthand.

Sales kicked off on February 7th, and students have been actively promoting their product to shoppers at the AEON Atsuta store.

Senior student Doi shared, "I hope to utilize this experience even after entering society. We designed the bento to be enjoyable for everyone from children to adults, so I hope it can be shared among families and friends."

The "Kids' Lunch Bento Box" will be available until February 27th in AEON and AEON Style stores across the three prefectures of the Tokai region.

Source: 東海テレビ NEWS ONE

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