Food | Feb 19

Japan Establishes Drinking Guidelines

TOKYO, Feb 19 (News On Japan) - Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has created the first "Drinking Guidelines" indicating the amount of alcohol in drinks that can increase health risks.

The guidelines were developed and published by the government to prevent the occurrence of health disorders caused by alcohol.

According to the guidelines, the amount of drinking that increases the risk of lifestyle-related diseases is "more than 40 grams of pure alcohol intake per day for men and more than 20 grams for women."

"20 grams of pure alcohol" is equivalent to one medium bottle (500 milliliters) of beer with an alcohol content of 5%.

Furthermore, it is clearly stated that excessive drinking can lead to diseases such as alcohol dependence, liver disease, and cancer.

In addition to health risks, behavioral risks such as committing violent acts, losing money, confidential documents, or USB drives are also mentioned.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare calls on people to determine their own appropriate amount of drinking through the guidelines, taking into account age, constitution, and current physical condition.

In the future, leaflets and other materials will be created to raise awareness.

Source: ANN


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