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High School YouTuber Declares No Need for College

TOKYO, Mar 25 (News On Japan) - In today's world, where there are diverse ways to earn money, a system has been established where individuals can generate income through video streaming. Age is no longer a barrier to earning money.


A mother from the Mama Star community shared that her high school sophomore son is also making money through video streaming, but as a parent, she has her worries. "My son started streaming his gaming sessions and gained a fanbase, now earning over a million yen a month (we have an accountant handling the taxes). My husband thinks he should live his life as he pleases, but I'm worried about the longevity of this career and want him to stop relying solely on video streaming for a living. At the very least, I want him to go to college, but my son wants to pursue a career not just in streaming but also as a game developer. He has actually created a game that had a good number of downloads. He argues, 'Is college really necessary? Even with a good education, most people can't get the job they want, and if I go without a clear goal, I think I'll just drop out.' That's where the conversation ended. What do you all think?"

As a parent, the current income seems unstable and there's no guarantee it will last forever. Therefore, the mother may want her son to pursue higher education and secure a stable career. Other mothers have also shared their opinions in response to the concerned poster.

In favor of college education. Why? "It would be great if he could keep earning like this forever. But if he ends up not making any money, having a college degree might open different paths for him." Though the son currently has an income, it's uncertain whether he will continue to earn the same in the future. If his income drastically decreases and he can no longer live off streaming alone, he might consider employment, where educational background could play a role, leading to potential regret for not attending college.

"College is not just for the sake of having a degree, but it's better to go to learn more advanced knowledge and skills. This industry progresses very quickly. He might already be at a considerable level, but there's a difference between self-taught high school learning and professional education. He might gain new insights by relearning the basics, and college could broaden his horizons and create new connections. He would also have the chance to hear from specialists in the field."

While the son has the knowledge and skills to develop games, college could offer him the opportunity to learn more advanced material. He may also meet others with interests in gaming and programming, which could lead to mutual inspiration and potentially new paths such as starting a business together.

It might be okay not to rush into college. "He can go to college when he feels like it, especially since he seems able to pay his own tuition." "If he can earn on his own, maybe there's no need for college. There are people who start businesses right after high school without seeking employment."

The son enjoys earning money through video streaming and also wants to develop games, so continuing his current lifestyle without pursuing college might be the best option. There's also the possibility of entrepreneurship, and he might eventually want to study at a university. Since one can attend college at any age, the best timing might be when he decides to go on his own.

Supporting a child's independence is also a parent's role. "I understand the anxiety as a parent, but earning money depends more on the individual than on educational background." "The responsibility of parents to pay for education and upbringing is over. Let's trust in our children's independence."

It's a joy for parents when their children start earning money, but the worry is natural when the job is volatile. Especially at the juncture of high school and college, parents ponder the future. However, if a child finds and wants to pursue their own path to earning, parents may want to support that desire. Future income isn't necessarily stable even with a college degree, and starting a business without going to college is also possible, so watching over the child's independence is an option.

"I'm not sure if I can believe in him 100% yet, but I'll try to express my support to my son!" After considering other mothers' opinions, the poster decided to support her son. While there remains anxiety about whether everything is okay as it is, there might be things that her son can only do now. In the future, he might seek advice, and it would be good if they could think and advise together.

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