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Advanced Child GPS Trackers Gain Popularity Among Safety-Conscious Parents

TOKYO, Apr 16 (News On Japan) - With the start of the new school year this spring, one technology that's drawing significant attention is the child-monitoring GPS device, which ensures the safety and security of children.

Currently, companies are fiercely competing to introduce the latest features in child GPS trackers. These devices not only offer enhanced accuracy in location tracking but also receive voice messages like "Where are you? What time will you be home?" allowing for quick voice communication between parents and their children through a simple long-press of a button on the device.

Ryo Sato of MIXI Corporation, who developed this advanced feature, said, "The ability for parents and children to easily communicate via voice is an incredibly convenient feature."

A survey of over 4,000 parents revealed that approximately 90% want to know their child's location when they are apart. With many elementary schools prohibiting smartphones, MIXI Corporation has seen a demand for child GPS trackers increase about 17 times compared to two years ago.

"As more parents work and children spend time alone at after-school clubs, tutoring, or lessons, the need for children to act independently is growing," said Sato, the head of the Mite-ne Business Development at MIXI Corporation.

In one family that provided their first-grader with a GPS, there was an instance where the child triggered an emergency alarm. The parents rushed to find their child, who had merely strayed off the route home and used the GPS button to call for help, fortunately avoiding any serious incident.

Elementary students using the device feel secure, knowing they can press a button to have their mom come to pick them up.

Meanwhile, Kokuyo Corporation has introduced a pioneering technology in Japan to their GPS devices. They have developed a smart tag that can be attached to a child’s wallet or water bottle, allowing parents to check via their smartphones if their child has left anything behind while out.

Additionally, Kokuyo's newly developed monitors come equipped with a microphone and camera, enabling parents to communicate with their home-alone children from work through messages and voice calls.

Yoko Yamamoto, leader of the Hello Family Group at Kokuyo Corporation, remarked, "Being able to know in real time what your child is doing contributes to safety and peace of mind."

Kokuyo Corporation plans to conduct internal trials to see how these devices can help balance parenting with work and will publish the results.

Source: FNN


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