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Unique Study Method of Young Prodigy with TOEIC Score of 985

NAGOYA, Jun 12 (News On Japan) - A remarkable elementary school student has achieved an astonishing score of 985 on the TOEIC, the globally recognized test of English proficiency. This success is the result of a unique study method developed by a mother-daughter duo.

Currently living in Nagoya, 11-year-old sixth-grader Uchida returns home from school to enjoy her favorite snack, cream sweets. To a casual observer, she appears to be an ordinary girl, but Uchida possesses an extraordinary talent: her exceptional English proficiency.

Uchida's impressive scores on the TOEIC, a test designed to measure English ability, began when she was in the fourth grade. She scored 985 out of a possible 990 points last year and achieved 970 points the previous year. Her outstanding performance earned her recognition as one of the top scorers for two consecutive years, a rare achievement for someone her age. Additionally, she passed the Grade 1 Eiken exam, known for its 10% pass rate at the university level, when she was just in the third grade.

Despite having no experience living or studying abroad, Uchida has developed a significant command of English. Her journey began at 10 months old when her parents enrolled her in an English class. This marked the start of her English education.

Uchida's study method, developed with her mother, involves creating handmade English notebooks. This method started when she was preparing for the Grade 3 Eiken exam at age five. Her mother would pick out unfamiliar words and phrases and organize them into easy-to-understand notes, complete with illustrations. Over time, these notebooks have grown to six volumes, totaling over 450 pages.

The notebooks feature conversations written in English, often inspired by family interactions, making the learning process relatable and engaging. For instance, one dialogue involves a conversation between Uchida's parents about missing a train, with humorous contributions from Uchida herself. The texts are entirely in English, allowing Uchida to immerse herself in the language without relying on translations.

Uchida's mother emphasizes the importance of making learning enjoyable. She incorporates illustrations and engaging exercises to maintain her daughter's interest. The duo studies together, creating a supportive and enjoyable learning environment. This collaborative effort extends to Eiken test preparation, with Uchida's mother role-playing interview scenarios and grading her daughter's work.

The dedication and creativity of Uchida and her mother have not only fostered a remarkable level of English proficiency but have also cultivated a broader intellectual capacity. Uchida's dream is to study animal brains at an American university, driven by a desire to contribute to society.

Source: TBS

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