A new initiative utilizing state-of-the-art communication technology, combining 5G and IOWN, to connect industrial devices has been launched by NTT East Japan.

The committee tasked with discussing the appropriateness of swimsuit photo sessions at public pools in Saitama Prefecture has drafted new conditions for granting permission for such events, cautioning against overly revealing swimwear.

In the case of a couple's bodies found under the floor of a house in Adachi Ward, Tokyo, it has been revealed that the arrested Filipino man had fractured his right hand, possibly during a conflict with the couple at the time of the crime.

A 33-year-old mother has been arrested following the discovery of her two young sons, aged four and two, dead in their home in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture.

The popular music duo Yuzu updated their official website on Thursday to announce that they have donated to the relief fund for the Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula earthquake in Ishikawa Prefecture. The duo, consisting of Yujin Kitagawa and Koji Iwasawa, along with their company Senya Inc., have collectively contributed to the disaster relief efforts following the devastating earthquake.

Three individuals of foreign origin are set to file a lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court, claiming repeated police stop-and-frisks based on their race, skin color, and nationality constitute discrimination and violate the constitution.

Daihatsu, which halted production of all its vehicle models due to vehicle certification misconduct, has announced a recall of over 320,000 vehicles.

The Emperor and Empress of Japan recently visited an exhibition featuring replicas of the treasures from the Shosoin Repository.

Japan's education ministry has initiated an urgent survey directed at prefectural education boards to gather information on the number of new teachers they can secure and specific measures they are taking to address a critical shortage.

Japan's Ministry of Finance has announced that the country's trade balance for the past year has registered a deficit of 9.29 trillion yen, marking the third consecutive year it has finished in the red, although down from the previous year's record high of over 20 trillion yen, partly due to the decline in energy prices, including crude oil.

In a remarkable achievement for Japanese cinema, three films from Japan have been announced as final nominees at the prestigious Academy Awards.

Researchers from the United Kingdom and the United States, who have laid the foundations for meteorology widely used today through numerical modeling and data analysis to predict weather conditions in distant locations, have been selected as this year's recipients of the Japan International Prize.

Sidang pra-peradilan kedua dilakukan pada hari Selasa sebagai persiapan untuk persidangan Tetsuya Yamagami, yang muncul untuk pertama kalinya, dengan tuduhan pembunuhan mantan Perdana Menteri Shinzo Abe yang ditembak di Nara pada bulan Juli 2022.

As winter's delicacies beckon, many are flocking to Hiroshima City's oyster huts. At Kusatsu Port in Hiroshima, five oyster businesses collaborate annually from winter to spring to offer freshly harvested oysters at affordable prices in their jointly operated huts.

Professional boxer Tenshin Nasukawa achieved his first technical knockout victory in a boxing match against world-ranked Luis Robles of Mexico on Tuesday night in Osaka.

Fukuoka Castle is set to unveil the 'Phantom Tenshukaku,' a 14-meter tall steel framework erected on the castle's tenshudai (tower base), adorned with LED lights that can glow in seven different colors.

The first volume of "An OL at Her Limit and a College Girl [限界OLと女子大生が〇〇する話]" by Rui Obata was released on January 23rd. This yuri romantic comedy features one of the protagonists, Segawa, a capable office lady who is relied upon by everyone at work. However, at home, her room is a mess, and she lives on convenience store meals every day.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government filed a complaint with Tokyo police on Tuesday, suspecting vandalism at seven locations where street trees in front of "Big Motor" used car dealerships were found withered due to the detection of herbicides.

Two individuals, including Ritsumeikan University Law School Professor Koichi Oda, who was the defense attorney for one of the executed death row inmates, have filed a lawsuit against the government at the Osaka District Court seeking disclosure of documents related to the execution of six former death row inmates.

The House of Representatives has approved the resignation of Yaichi Tanigawa, a member embroiled in a slush fund scandal involving a political party fundraiser of the Liberal Democratic Party's Abe faction.

In the aftermath of the Noto Peninsula earthquake, which recorded a maximum intensity of 7 in the Japanese seismic intensity scale, results from building safety assessments reveal that 40% of the structures are deemed too dangerous to enter.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has initiated a business alliance with Ctrip, a major Chinese travel agency, aiming to capture more Chinese tourists.

Apple's Japanese subsidiary has announced the launch of a service dedicated to classical music, starting from January 24.

New footage from Tsuyoshi Muro's upcoming movie "Migawari Chuushingura" has been released to celebrate the actor's 48th birthday on January 23.

A second "pre-trial hearing" was conducted on Tuesday in preparation for the trial of Tetsuya Yamagami, who appeared for the first time, charged with the murder of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, shot in Nara in July 2022.

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