Thirteen employees have been arrested for operating illegal men's esthetic salons in over 30 rooms of a condominium near Tokyo's Nakano Station, with sales exceeding 1 billion yen in a year.

Morning Musume.'24's nationwide tour "Morning Musume.'24 Concert Tour Spring MOTTO MORNING MUSUME." is set to be held from March to May.

NEC, in collaboration with the traditional bread maker Kimuraya, has unveiled an innovative culinary creation named 'RenAI (Love) Bread,' a product that captures the essence of romantic feelings in its flavor.

The Nikkei Stock Average has seen a wave of buying orders over a wide range of stocks, with some fearing that overheating has left the market price significantly exceeded the ETF's benchmark price, leading to a potential risk for investors.

A teenage girl was stabbed in the back while sleeping in her bed at her home in Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture, early Wednesday morning, with the perpetrator still on the run after the apparent attempted murder.

The amount spent by foreign visitors to Japan last year reached about 5.3 trillion yen, a 9.9% increase compared to 2019, setting a new record high.

The trio girl unit iScream, chosen from an audition with 10,000 applicants and belonging to LDH, released a dance performance video of their song "Heart of Gold," a track from their 2nd album 'Selfie' released on January 17th.

The U.S. Forces stationed in Japan have commenced disaster relief operations to aid those affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

Uniqlo has filed a lawsuit against three companies, including the operator of the Chinese fashion e-commerce site SHEIN, in the Tokyo District Court for selling counterfeit shoulder bags.

The Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office has decided not to prosecute the man known as 'Rengoku Koroaki,' a YouTuber specializing in citizen's arrests, who was arrested last year for unlawfully detaining another man.

With roads still blocked due to landslides following the Noto Peninsula earthquake, making it impossible for vehicles to pass, drones are being utilized to deliver essential supplies in disaster-stricken areas.

Mitsuko Tottori, a former cabin attendant, will be promoted to the next president of Japan Airlines, becoming the first woman to hold the position of highest-ranking executive in the company.

Warm weather in northern Japan has followed the coldest snap of the season, where 141 flights were canceled due to whiteout conditions in Sapporo, while Wednesday is witnessing a sharp increase in temperatures.

Japan Airlines (JAL) telah meluncurkan pesawat barunya untuk penerbangan internasional, yang diperbarui untuk pertama kalinya dalam 20 tahun terakhir. (News on Japan)

A quake survivor who managed to call for help while trapped under his partially collapsed house, recorded his ordeal on his phone for 38 seconds, while he was buried alive.

The wing of a passenger aircraft being towed at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido clipped another parked plane at around 5:30 PM on Tuesday, with no reports of injuries among the 289 passengers and crew.

Badan Jasa Keuangan Jepang (FSA) bersiap-siap untuk memperketat pengawasan terhadap Sompo Jepang dengan mengeluarkan perintah perbaikan bisnis bulan ini menyusul skandal penipuan asuransi yang melibatkan klaim palsu oleh dealer mobil bekas Big Motor. (News on Japan)

A police officer who had stepped outside the house just before the New Year's Day earthquake struck, becoming the sole survivor among his family, mourned the loss of his wife and 3 children at a funeral service Monday in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa.

In response to the Noto Peninsula earthquake, the Ishikawa Veterinary Association has launched an initiative to support evacuees with pets by offering free pet care at more than 40 animal hospitals across the prefecture for one month.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has unveiled its new aircraft for international flights, updated for the first time in 20 years.

Former world No. 1 Naomi Osaka made her return to Grand Slam tennis at the Australian Open following the birth of her first child last July, but exiting the stage in straight sets to French player Caroline Garcia, ranked 19th in the world.

Japan police have issued a nationwide warrant for a yakuza boss suspected of fatally shooting of man in Starbucks in Ehime on Sunday.

Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) is getting ready to tighten the screws on Sompo Japan by issuing a business improvement order within this month following the insurance fraud scandal involving false claims by used car dealer Big Motor.

A gang of 4 teenagers robbed a man of 25 million yen in a karaoke box on Sunday by spraying him with tear gas, with one 18-year-old suspect arrested and 3 others still on the loose.

Tokyo's Minato Ward has decided to distribute 50,000 yen worth of gift certificates per child to support families with children affected by rising prices.

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