Subaru targets overseas EV 4WD market

NHK -- Nov 12
Japanese automaker Subaru is preparing to launch its first electric vehicle on the international market. The company says it plans to release the electric SUV in Japan, the US, China and elsewhere by mid-2022.

Subaru says its Solterra can travel about 500 kilometers on a single charge. It says the four-wheel drive model has separate motors for the front and rear wheels, allowing for stable movement even on rough roads.

The vehicle's platform was developed jointly with the company's partner Toyota.

President and CEO Nakamura Tomomi said Subaru customers can expect the same high quality product as they've come to expect over the years in terms of safety and 4WD technology.

The move by Subaru to release an electric vehicle overseas comes as other Japanese and foreign automakers compete to carve out a piece of the market.

気候変動問題について話し合うCOP26で2040年までに新車のガソリン車をなくして環境に優しいEV(電気自動車)などにすると24カ国が合意しましたが、日本は参加を見送りました。 - ANNnewsCH