Japanese military conducts live-fire exercises

陸自が富士総合火力演習 国内最大規模の実弾訓練

NHK -- May 29
Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force held its annual live-fire exercises at the foot of Mount Fuji in central Japan on Saturday.

Some 3,300 personnel and 36 tanks and other vehicles took part. The drills were held at the GSDF's Higashi-Fuji training camp in Shizuoka Prefecture.

They are among the largest live-fire exercises conducted by the Self-Defense Forces in Japan.

They were based on the scenario that a remote Japanese island had been invaded.

An amphibious rapid deployment brigade specializing in landing operations was deployed. It used amphibious vehicles and Osprey transport aircraft, which were being used in the annual drills for the first time.

Parachute troops jumped from helicopters.

An electronic warfare unit jammed enemy command communications before tanks and armored fighting vehicles opened fire.

Various other weapons were also used, including howitzers, which the United States and Germany have been providing to Ukraine.

GSDF officials say 57 tons of ammunition worth more than 8 million dollars will be used by the end of the drills on Saturday night.

The exercises were not open to the public for the third consecutive year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

May 29 (ANNnewsCH) - 陸上自衛隊の国内最大規模の実弾を使った訓練「富士総合火力演習」が離島を守る想定で行なわれています。  ...continue reading

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