Japan's top court rules state not liable for Fukushima disaster

Nikkei -- Jun 17

Japan's top court on Friday dismissed claims that the government should pay damages in cases involving around 3,700 people whose lives were seriously affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, absolving the state of responsibility for mass evacuations in the crisis.

The decision by the Supreme Court's Second Petty Bench was the first for the top court and covered four lawsuits filed in Fukushima, Gunma, Chiba and Ehime prefectures. Around 30 such lawsuits have been filed across Japan by people who had to evacuate from their home or whose lives were greatly impacted by the earthquake- and tsunami-triggered disaster.

Jun 17 () - 福島第一原発の事故で避難した住民らが賠償を求めた4件の集団訴訟で、最高裁判所は国の責任を認めないという初めての統一判断を示しました。原発事故を巡り全国で係争中の他の裁判にも影響を与えるものとみられます。