Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure | Official Trailer


Netflix Anime -- Jul 20
This series depicts an active day for Rilakkuma and friends in great detail as they visit a theme park that is about to close down and encounter an incident that arises there and the various people involved.

Not only do familiar characters from "Rilakkuma and Kaoru" appear, but so do many new characters with unique personalities! You won't be able to look away from the thrilling and heart-pounding developments!

The Netflix Series "Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure" starts streaming worldwide from August 25, only on Netflix.

Jul 20 (Netflix Japan) - リラックマたちが遊びにでかけた閉園間近の遊園地で巻き起こる事件とそれをめぐる人々との出会いのアクティブな一日を濃密に描くノンストップな本作。  ...continue reading

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