Japan grants refugee status to 98 Afghans fleeing Taliban

Japan Today -- Aug 24
Japan has granted refugee status to 98 people who fled Afghanistan since the Taliban returned to power last August, government sources said Tuesday, in a rare move for a country with a poor record on giving asylum.

The number of newly recognized refugees, comprising staff who were working at the Japanese Embassy in Kabul and their family members, exceeded the record 74 refugees accepted by Japan in 2021.

Japan's recognition of the Afghan refugees could affect its future acceptance of people fleeing from countries experiencing conflict including Myanmar and Ukraine.

The refugees, who left Afghanistan amid ongoing attacks on former Afghan government officials and those seen as their collaborators, were among more than 800 Afghans who fled to Japan.

The evacuees also include people working for the Japan International Cooperation Agency and private organizations as well as their families.

They have evacuated to Japan with the assistance of the public and private sectors after facing the risk of being targeted by Taliban supporters for cooperating with a foreign nation which had ties with the former government. ...continue reading

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