Japan weighs $350 handout as part of energy aid package

政府 低所得世帯に5万円給付で調整 物価高騰対策

Nikkei -- Sep 07
Japan could distribute 50,000 yen ($350) in cash handouts to low-income households as early as fall under a new relief package for those hurt the most by surging food and energy prices.

With pricier resources and a weakening yen accelerating inflation in Japan, the government is weighing a round of fresh assistance to ease the public's mounting pain. The cash assistance would apply to households earning too little to pay local income taxes. Significantly more than 10 million are expected to qualify for the payments, which would be funded by the government's budget reserves for fiscal 2022.

Japan had distributed 100,000 yen to low-income households back in fiscal 2021 to blunt the economic blow of the coronavirus pandemic.

The government will separately continue to subsidize oil distributors in October and beyond to curb the rise in gasoline prices. It will consider funding the extension through December out of its budget reserves. ...continue reading

Sep 07 (TBS NEWS) - 物価の高騰が続く中、政府は住民税が非課税の低所得世帯を対象に1世帯あたり、5万円を給付する方向で調整していることがわかりました。  ...continue reading

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