Lawyers probe adoptions arranged by former Unification Church

TOKYO, Nov 16 (NHK) - NHK has learned that lawyers in Japan have begun investigating adoptions arranged by the religious group formerly known as the Unification Church.

Some children of group members say such adoptions are carried out based on their parents' beliefs.

They've consulted lawyers who support them about the matter. Some experts say the adoptions may be legally problematic.

The group teaches that having and raising many children is important, and releases videos and publications that say families with children have a duty to share that "blessing" with childless ones.

Lawyer Abe Katsuomi, who began the probe, says the group's actions could go against the purpose of the adoption system -- providing an environment to ensure children's wellbeing.

Abe suggests the group aims only to spread its beliefs, regardless of what is best for children. ...continue reading