Japan to lift face mask recommendations on March 13

TOKYO, Feb 10 (NHK) - The Japanese government is planning to allow people to make their own choices about wearing face masks to prevent coronavirus infections, beginning on March 13.

It decided on the plan on Friday, revising its current recommendation that masks be worn indoors.

It now plans to allow people to make their own choices about wearing masks both indoors and outdoors.

The government plans to recommend wearing a mask when seeing a doctor or using crowded public transportation.

It will also stress that masks are effective in protecting people at higher risk of serious illness while they are visiting crowded places when the virus is spreading.

In addition, the government will urge people to refrain from going out if they have symptoms or if a family member in the same household tests positive. If people in such situations cannot avoid going out for hospital visits or other reasons, they will be urged to avoid crowded places and wear masks.

As for schools, the government will not require mask-wearing in principle from April 1. It also decided that students will not have to wear masks at graduation ceremonies before that. ...continue reading

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