McDonald's Japan signs deal with govt. to use domestic wood

TOKYO, Feb 11 (NHK) - McDonald's Japan has signed an agreement with the government to use more domestic wood. The move is aimed at helping to realize a low-carbon society.

CEO Hiiro Tamotsu spoke during a signing ceremony on Friday at the Forestry Ministry.

He said, "Stimulating the forestry industry will lead to the revitalization of regional communities. It is important to promote the cyclic use of wood."

Many trees planted after World War Two have reached the felling stage in Japan. The government wants to make use of the wood as part of efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.

Under the deal, McDonald's will use domestic wood in about 150 new restaurants the firm will open mainly in suburban areas over three years.

Prices of imported wood are currently high, partly due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. ...continue reading

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