Cat’s head found on grounds of Saitama elementary school

TOKYO, Feb 19 (Japan Today) - The severed head of a cat was found on the grounds of an elementary school in Saitama city on Friday. Police said the cat’s head was found at around 7 a.m. at the school in Minami Ward.

Police said the grisly discovery is the third in a week in the area. Kyodo News reported that between Feb 13 and Feb 16, the severed legs and the torso of cat were found in a park about one kilometer from the school.

Police said they are analyzing footage from surveillance cameras near the park and school to try and determine who the perpetrator is. ...continue reading

Feb 19 () - 17日朝、さいたま市内の小学校の鉄棒に猫のものとみられる頭の一部がつるされているのが見つかり、警察は動物愛護法違反の疑いで捜査しています。  ...continue reading