University of Tokyo joins FSA on financial-crisis research

NHK -- Jun 01

Japan's leading university and the Financial Services Agency have started working on a project to prevent future financial crises.

An agreement was signed by University of Tokyo President Fujii Teruo and FSA Commissioner Nakajima Junichi.

The two sides will analyze massive volumes of data provided by the agency and other organizations. Researchers will use the information in joint studies on financial markets and policies.

They are considering applying data-analysis technology used in medical science to see if it can detect market irregularities and avert crises. ...continue reading

Jun 01 (ANNnewsCH) - 金融庁と東京大学は、劇的に変化する金融市場の解析や研究を進めるため、両者の知見を生かした包括的な連携協定を締結しました。  ...continue reading