Ditch baggage, rent clothes: What is the new trend sparked by Japan Airlines?

TOKYO, Jul 08 (WION) - If you despise the burden of baggage and prefer to travel light, Japan Airlines has a groundbreaking solution for you. The airline now offers the option to fly to Japan without cumbersome suitcases, thanks to a new initiative that encourages travellers to leave their luggage behind.

Instead, passengers can rent clothes during their stay in the country, promoting sustainable tourism and providing convenience, reported the Financial Times.

This trial project, in collaboration with Sumitomo Corp, aims to reduce aircraft weight, fuel consumption, and ultimately carbon dioxide emissions. The experiment will run from July 5th, 2023, until August 2024.

The concept, known as "Any Wear, Anywhere," allows passengers to select outfits of their choice and size through a dedicated website before boarding their Japan Airlines flight.

Travellers are only required to pack their undergarments and a toothbrush, leaving the bulky suitcases behind. Through the website, they can choose up to eight outfits, tailored to seasonal needs, for a duration of two weeks. ...continue reading