Rainy season ends in 3 regions west of Tokyo, Japan's weather officials say

TOKYO, Jul 21 (NHK) - Japanese weather officials say the rainy season appears to have ended in three regions west of Tokyo.

The Meteorological Agency announced on Thursday that the rainy season is apparently over in the regions of Chugoku, Kinki and Tokai as they expect sunny weather to continue there for the next week.

The end of the season would be six days earlier than last year in Chugoku, three days earlier in Kinki and Tokai, and one day later than average in all the regions.

The agency says atmospheric conditions have become unstable in the Tohoku and Kanto regions, including Tokyo, as a cold air mass is flowing in over northern to eastern Japan.

It is expected to bring torrential rain to some areas. People are advised to be on alert for possible landslides.

In the Tohoku and Kanto regions, thunderstorms will bring localized torrential rain through late Thursday. A downpour of about 50 millimeters per hour is forecast for northern Kanto.

During the 24-hour period until noon on Friday, up to 100 millimeters of rain is expected in parts of northern Kanto, and 60 millimeters in Tohoku and southern Kanto.

Recent record rainfall in Akita and other prefectures in Tohoku have already loosened the ground there, raising the risk of mudslides.

Agency officials are urging people to stay vigilant for swollen rivers and possible disasters, including flooding in low-lying areas.

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