Police unveil anti-burglary glass

TOKYO, Aug 08 (News On Japan) - As a measure against a series of robbery incidents targeting jewelry and pawn shops, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have unveiled shatter-resistant anti-burglary glass using a unique layer of film.

The anti-burglary glass has a double-layered structure with a special film sandwiched in between, developed jointly by the National Police Agency and private companies.

According to the Metropolitan Police, strengthened glass used in automobiles shattered after one hit, while the newly developed anti-burglary glass only developed cracks after multiple hits and could withstand for over five minutes without shattering during experimentation.

"With incidents like the Rolex robbery in Ginza, the sense of unease among Tokyo residents is increasing. Creating an environment to prevent such incidents is becoming very important," police said, while encouraging not only stores but also households to install this anti-burglary glass as a preventive measure.

Aug 08 (ANNnewsCH) - 相次ぐ貴金属店買い取り店などを狙った強盗事件や空き巣被害への対策として、警視庁は特殊なフィルムを使った割れづらい防犯ガラスを公開しました。  ...continue reading