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Tokyo government now using generative AI at all bureaus

東京都 ChatGPTの本格利用を開始

TOKYO, Aug 24 (NHK) - The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is now using generative artificial intelligence at all of its bureaus. About 50,000 civil servants can use the technology.

Tokyo officials set up a project team in May and drafted guidelines on using the technology. They include a ban on inputting personal information or confidential data.

An official with the environment bureau asked the AI system to write easy-to-read explanations of bureau projects for social media. The system offered 3 options.

The official said that the system can quickly come up with ideas that the human team hadn't thought of. But it is necessary to check what is generated for copyright violations or other issues.

Tokyo plans to use the technology for tasks such as summarizing the minutes of conferences.

Aug 24 (テレ東BIZ) - 東京都はきょう生成AIであるChatGPTの活用に関するガイドラインを策定し、すべての部署で文書作成や企画の立案などに生成AIを利用することを始めました。  ...continue reading

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