Beautiful Japanese Origami Culture!

This time, we picked up the traditional Japanese culture of "Origami" for our coverage.

Origami" is a traditional Japanese game in which children fold a sheet of paper to create various shapes, such as animals and seasonal decorations.

In Japan, it is often learned at nursery schools and kindergartens, and there are many opportunities for parents and children to play together at home while conversing with each other.

Before going to visit a loved one, people sometimes fold "Senbazuru" (one thousand folded paper cranes) as a prayer for the person they are visiting.

Origami also requires detailed work with the fingertips, stimulating the brain and enhancing concentration, imagination, color sense, and spatial cognition.

Because it is an easy way to use your hands well, in recent years it has also been employed in medical and nursing care facilities.

Origami is attractive in that it can be played with a single sheet of paper, does not cost much money, and has a wide variety of types to keep you occupied.