Google pledges to Japan to develop AI safely

TOKYO, Oct 10 (News On Japan) - Google has announced its commitment to advance AI development while ensuring safety, making Japan the second country after the United States to receive this pledge.

This announcement was made by Google during a meeting of the AI project team under the Liberal Democratic Party's Digital Society Promotion Headquarters held earlier today.

Seven major AI companies, including Google, had previously announced in July of this year their commitment to responsibly practice AI development in the United States based on three principles: "safety," "security," and "trust."

Google's similar commitment in Japan now makes Japan the second country, following the United States, to receive such a pledge.

This move aligns with the Kishida administration's positioning of AI as a growing industry, and it is anticipated that other major companies like Microsoft and Amazon may make similar announcements in the future.

Oct 10 (TBS NEWS) - アメリカのIT大手・グーグルが安全性を確保しながらAI開発を進めることを約束すると、日本に対して表明したことがわかりました。  ...continue reading