Japan's BPO landscape: 7 startups leading the way

newsonjapan.com -- Nov 06

In Japan, there's a rising wave of entrepreneurial spirit in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena.

With BPO, businesses can delegate various business tasks to third-party providers. This has become an increasingly attractive option as companies look to combat Japan’s labor shortage while maintaining high-quality service.


Founded in 2019, MailMate is a startup that offers virtual mail and virtual office solutions in Japan, enabling foreign companies and entrepreneurs to get an instant presence in Japan with little overhead through their reputable business addresses.

Going beyond a simple address rental service, MailMate also provides a virtual mail online dashboard, making it possible for users to manage any mail that comes to their business address—from anywhere in the world.

The virtual mailbox and bill-paying services are also bilingual, ensuring that mail received at the address is easily accessible to clients who might not be fluent in Japanese.

Obtaining an instant business address with MailMate is simple as the registration and setup occur entirely online.

The virtual office services also include a bilingual concierge service for MailMate users.

Through their prime locations, bilingual support, and user-friendly mail management system, MailMate is a top startup to watch as more businesses look to enter the Japanese market.


NEOcareer is a provider of low-cost Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in Japan. Offering both outbound and inbound services, NEOcareer provides solutions to hiring and training challenges. Additionally, companies can delegate routine tasks and non-core responsibilities to external specialists, thereby driving efficiency and productivity.

At present, many Japanese businesses face the issue of reduced productivity due to personnel-dependant processes. NEOcareer addresses these concerns by streamlining tasks and mechanisms within internal departments.

By introducing BPO services, companies can reduce time spent on non-core tasks, optimize resource utilization, and improve overall profitability.

Key services and core strengths within their BPO offerings include call center outsourcing, HR outsourcing, sales outsourcing, etc.


Pasona is another notable company in Japan’s BPO landscape, offering its clients comprehensive business process outsourcing solutions.

Services are tailored and can be customized to provide the best solutions for each client by combining various service modalities for optimal results. Additionally, they offer consultants that support businesses throughout the BPO implementation and launch process.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their BPO services, Pasona helps businesses automate tasks such as information extraction from documents, data entry, system aggregation, and output.

BPO solutions include payroll processing, accounting, HR and employee benefits, insurance management, and more.

Caster Biz

Casterbiz offers a remote assistant service via its platform, providing businesses with access to skilled talent ready to assist via a seamless team-based approach.

Services offered by Casterbiz include the following:

Appointment scheduling

Email correspondence

Reservation arrangements

Various coordination

Document preparation

Research, etc.


Estimate & invoice creation

Appointment scheduling

Data entry

Document preparation, etc.

Human resources

Job listing creation

Applicant correspondence

Interview scheduling

Labor support

Attendance management support, etc.

Flexible plans start from 30 hours per month for ¥132,000 per month for the basic 6-month plan. This amount is discounted to ¥120,000 monthly if you go for the long-term 12-month plan.

From online seminars illustrating use cases and tangible results to a smooth onboarding process streamlined through online platforms, Casterbiz ensures a seamless transition for potential clients.


Payroll is a Japanese startup with the largest number of users within the payroll sector in Japan.

According to Payroll, approximately 40% of payroll calculation operations can be covered by software systems—with humans needed for only 60% of the actual.

Leveraging technology and expertise in the field, Payroll is able to provide solutions through the following:

Offering a user-friendly platform, Payroll’s payroll management system streamlines businesses' HR functions and ensures compliance with Japan's regulatory requirements.

With their service, they are able to significantly decrease inquiries from employees to HR personnel by taking care of these questions themselves.

Provides call center feature so that employees can ask questions regarding documents or payroll without needing to go through the internal HR team.

Famous companies in Japan using Payroll include KFC, Salesforce, Calbee, DeNA, Toho Cinemas, and others.

Rescue Now

Rescue Now aims to manage crises through its 3-tiered service offerings: Information Distribution, Crisis Management, and Disaster Preparedness services.

Their 24/7 Crisis Management Information Center delivers reliable data on events that could impact people's lives and businesses.

“Imatome” is their all-in-one crisis management service for companies, helping them establish appropriate disaster responses and giving guidance on disaster response procedures.

Additionally, using Imatome, you can confirm employee safety, check to see if your employees are safe, verify the status of buildings and equipment, and collect appropriate needed information, e.g., weather, evacuation, transportation, and lifeline information.

They are currently serving over 500 companies and have recently reached 30 million users.

Social Wire

Social Wire is a Japan-based BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) marketing company established in 2006.

With a focus on delivering customized BPO solutions to clients, Social Wire’s BPO services include a full range of marketing services, such as press releases, translations for businesses expanding to Japan, influencer marketing, media outreach, background checks, and more.

The company emphasizes strong communication and collaboration with clients, ensuring that its services are tailored to suit each client's specific requirements.


As globalization continues to shape how companies operate, Japan's BPO startups are positioning themselves as competitive players in the global market.

One particularly noteworthy startup in this space is MailMate, offering not only efficient email management services to help businesses optimize their processes and enhance productivity but also business addresses to cut overhead for entrepreneurs looking to enter Japan’s market. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, MailMate has successfully carved out a niche for itself in Japan's BPO arena.

The startups mentioned in this discussion are only a small sample of the many BPO companies emerging in Japan.