No Backing Down For Tokyo’s Renewed Threat Mitigation – Analysis -- Nov 18

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s inaugural two-day visit to Malaysia heralded a new strategic bulwark of defence and security criticality.

Apart from strengthening defence diplomacy with China in mind, the importance of Malaysia assuming the chairmanship of Asean in 2025 remains at the forefront.

Japan is now entering the elite world of defence and security diplomacy and charm offensive,both in hard and soft power expansion.

Kishida’s charm offensive tour in Southeast Asia was initiated with Beijing in mind, and has announced a support of the coastal radar system to Manila valued at $4 million.

Tokyo’s biggest defence spending since WWII in view of the three pronged threat has seen it maintaining its lead in defence readiness. The doubling of its defence budget from 1% to 2% of GDP will see it poised to become the third largest military in the world, behind the US and China, if it stays consistent for the next five years. ...continue reading