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MHI Is Riding the Wave of Japan's Boom in Defense Spending

Japan’s biggest defense firm expects annual sales from its defense business to double by 2027.

Nov 23 (The Diplomat) - Japan’s biggest defense company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), has outlined plans for future growth through development investment in new major national defense projects, including standoff missiles and a joint next-generation fighter program with Britain and Italy.

In a rare move, on November 22, MHI held a defense business briefing session at its Tokyo headquarters, inviting dozens of market analysts and journalists as well as online participants.

At the briefing, the company announced that it now expects annual sales from its defense business to double from the current level of about 500 billion yen ($3.4 billion) to 1 trillion yen during the fiscal years (FY) 2024-2026, and then reach over 1 trillion yen during FY2027-2029.

This bullish outlook came after the Japanese government in December 2022 decided to boost its defense spending to a total budget of an unprecedented 43.5 trillion yen for FY2023-2027. That number is about 2.5 times the previous plan of 17.2 trillion yen in the 2019-2023 period. This whopping budget increase aims to fundamentally reinforce Japan’s defense capabilities, including counterstrike abilities, in the face of China’s increasing military strength, North Korea’s unstoppable nuclear and missile development, and Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine. ...continue reading

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Demolition work on a nearly completed ten-story apartment building in Kunitachi, Tokyo, which obstructed the view of Mount Fuji, began last week, seeking to restore the once picturesque view from the 'Fujimidori' shopping street extending from JR Kunitachi Station.

Operations on the Tokaido Shinkansen between Nagoya and Hamamatsu stations remain suspended following a derailment involving a maintenance vehicle.

Japan experienced a scorching heatwave over the first weekend of summer vacation, with temperatures soaring from Okinawa to Hokkaido. Despite comprehensive heatstroke measures at festivals, numerous incidents were reported.

A junior high school girl drowned on Sunday while trying to save her younger sister at a beach in Saka Town, Hiroshima.

Tsutomu Shirosaki, a former member of the Japanese Red Army, who was serving time for his involvement in the 1986 attack on the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia, died on the 20th of July at the age of 76.


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Japan disbanded its military following its defeat in World War II and adopted a pacifist constitution that prohibits the country from engaging in war. (South China Morning Post)

The Japanese government is considering revising the policy that reduces pensions for those working past age 65. However, a significant proposal to extend the pension premium payment period from age 60 to 65 has been deferred.

The leaders' meeting of the 'Pacific Islands Summit,' involving Japan and Pacific island nations, was held in Tokyo, resulting in the adoption of a leaders' declaration emphasizing future cooperation.

A lawmaker in Ōkawara Town, Miyagi Prefecture, has come under fire after an elementary school student's essay revealed that he was playing a smartphone game during an assembly session.

Kanagawa Prefecture unveiled its new logo, 'Kanagawa-Ken,' last Friday, only to find itself facing allegations that the design closely resembles Chiba Prefecture's mascot, 'Chiba-kun.'

Japan's Defense Ministry has announced disciplinary action against 218 personnel following a series of misconduct cases, including inappropriate handling of classified information and power harassment. This unprecedented move affects top officials from the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces.

A Japanese man detained in Myanmar over the sale price of rice has been charged and will face trial on Friday, July 12.

A union has demanded the resignation of Hyogo Governor Saito following the death of a former senior official who distributed documents alleging workplace harassment by the governor.