Politics | Jan 30

Yamanashi Prefecture to Subsidize Egg Freezing Costs for Women

YAMANASHI, Jan 30 (News On Japan) - Yamanashi Prefecture is in the final stages of planning to provide financial assistance for the cost of egg freezing for healthy women who struggle to balance the timing of pregnancy with their career aspirations.

The prefecture is promoting "preconception care," which involves managing one's health in preparation for when pregnancy is desired, as a means to counter the declining birth rate and subsequent population decrease. As part of this initiative, the prefecture aims to support those who are concerned about timing pregnancy with their career by subsidizing the cost of egg freezing for healthy women who wish to become pregnant in the future.

The subsidy will be available to women residing in the prefecture, with the condition that they participate in preconception care and learn about the risks associated with egg retrieval beforehand. Details such as the eligible age range, number of recipients, and the maximum amount of the subsidy are still being finalized. The prefecture plans to include the necessary funds in the budget proposal for the February regular prefectural assembly.

Source: NHK

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