The Rise of Generative AI in Business

TOKYO, Feb 17 (News On Japan) - As the use of generative AI, like ChatGPT, expands globally, it is bringing changes to our "jobs" and "work styles." Last year, beverage giant Ito En renewed the packaging of one of its products, with the design's original draft created by "generative AI." The woman featured in the commercial was also generated by AI.

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence that generates text, images, and other content based on learned data.

At major food manufacturer Nissin Foods, a "unique generative AI," NISSIN AI-chat, is being utilized during meetings.

In a meeting of the sales promotion team discussing summer promotions for Donbei noodles, the generative AI suggested "proposing new eating habits for summer and creating new trends." It also provided specific ideas such as "unique summer actions, introducing 'Cold Donbei' as a new summer staple, or 'Donbei Summer Festival.'"

Thanks to AI, meeting times are shortened, allowing more time for preparations for business negotiations.

Nissin Foods' Business Solutions Division Deputy Manager, Hideki Watanabe, stated, "AI chat provides the first step in brainstorming ideas, enabling us to produce more creative outputs."

New Challenges Arising from Generative AI

However, the use of generative AI also presents new challenges.

Benesse Corporation, which operates educational businesses, utilizes generative AI for website creation.

Sachiko Tomita, Manager of Benesse's Digital Marketing Department, mentioned, "Generative AI significantly reduces time while maintaining quality."

The reduction isn't limited to time alone.

Chuji Mizukami, Deputy Manager of Benesse Digital Innovation Partners, said, "Work that used to require a team of about 15 people can now be done with about half."

While efficiency has improved, "employee staffing" has become a new challenge.

Mizukami added, "We plan to reorganize our structure from the next fiscal year, so we'll proceed with reassignments accordingly."

Last year, the American film industry saw strikes over concerns that "actors' roles might be taken over by generative AI."

The fear that "generative AI might take away human jobs" is a growing concern. To address this, organizations like Benesse have established "Generative AI Japan," a group that transcends industry boundaries.

Hiroyuki Miyata, Representative Director of Generative AI Japan, said, "We aim to foster talent and create rules based on the premise of generative AI. This is difficult for a single company to achieve, so we're working together on this."

As new challenges emerge, the ability to skillfully use generative AI and adapt human responses is becoming increasingly important.

Source: 日テレNEWS


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