Politics | Mar 06

Japan Proposes Exporting Next-Generation Fighters to Third Countries

TOKYO, Mar 06 (News On Japan) - Prime Minister Fumio Kishida emphasized the necessity of exporting the next-generation fighter jets, jointly developed with the United Kingdom and Italy, to third countries. This comes in response to the cautious stance of Komeito, a coalition partner, on the issue of exporting to third countries.

Komeito's Senator Nishida Minoru questioned, "Why would Japan's inability to export finished products to third countries put us at a disadvantage in negotiations for joint development? What kind of inconvenience would arise for our national defense?"

Prime Minister Kishida responded, "If there is no mechanism for direct transfer from our country to third countries, we will not make efforts to reduce prices, making it difficult to realize the fighter jets we desire."

He explained that by advancing exports in a manner similar to joint development partners, the United Kingdom and Italy, it would be easier to achieve Japan's demands, such as enhancing the stealth capabilities of the next-generation fighter jets.

Furthermore, Kishida stated that without an export mechanism, "Japan would be internationally recognized as unsuitable as a partner country for joint development."

Source: ANN

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In a significant policy shift, the government has decided to allow the export of the next-generation fighter jet, co-developed with Japan, to third countries.


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