Business | Mar 28

Japan Tackles Women's Health for Better Business

TOKYO, Mar 28 (News On Japan) - The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) estimates the economic loss due to health issues unique to women, such as menstruation and menopause, at approximately 3.4 trillion yen.

It suggests that improvement requires "understanding from management" and "proper workplace environment adjustments." Health issues related to women's bodies are crucial management challenges for businesses.

Guests included Professor Akira Iriyama, a business management expert from Waseda University Business School, and Dr. Sayaka Nase, who won the "Woman of the Year 2024" award for "spending over a decade advocating for women's health issues, transforming the sports world through treatment and awareness activities."

The discussion highlighted that "menstrual troubles are not only an athlete's concern" and delved into "Well-being Management," a concept gaining attention for addressing menstruation-related issues.

Additionally, insights were shared by a woman who experienced amenorrhea, offering advice to those currently struggling.

Source: テレ東BIZ

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