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New Entrance Gate Installed on Mt. Fuji Trail to Manage Crowds

YAMANASHI, Jun 14 (NHK) - Workers have begun setting up an entrance gate for a trail to Mt. Fuji before the climbing season starts in early July. Officials aim to regulate the number of hikers who visit Japan's highest mountain on any given day.

The Yoshida Trail in Yamanashi Prefecture is one of the four main routes for climbing Mt. Fuji. The work began on Thursday morning, at a location about halfway up the mountain.

Yamanashi Prefecture decided to take the measure in response to an increase in the number of climbers. Some take the risk of going up Mt. Fuji at night without taking a rest in mountain huts, while others leave trash behind.

Starting on July 1, the daily number of climbers using the route will be limited to 4,000. Each of them will be charged 2,000 yen, or around 13 dollars. The gate will be closed at 4 p.m. and reopen at 3 a.m. every day.

The gate, about 8 meters long and 1.8 meters high, is expected to be completed next Monday. Workers were seen putting wooden boards over an iron frame on Thursday. A door will be created in a midsection.

Yamanashi Prefecture officials say the gate is temporary, and they plan to install a more robust one before next year's climbing season.

A senior official, Hosoda Chiaki, says they will check the new gate to make sure that people will be able to use it smoothly as the climbing season will begin soon.

News On Japan

Three people who went missing after a landslide in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, have been found, though their condition is yet to be confirmed.

To address the severe aviation fuel shortage in Japan, a new initiative has been launched as part of an emergency response formulated by the public and private sectors.

Dogo Onsen in Ehime has reopened after five and a half years of renovations. Some people waited as long as eight hours to be the first to take a bath.

A compliance training session for host clubs in Tokyo's Kabukicho district was conducted in response to a series of "urikake" problems, where malicious host clubs saddled customers with exorbitant debts.

A Japanese man detained in Myanmar over the sale price of rice has been charged and will face trial on Friday, July 12.



A new sports and entertainment facility blending sports and entertainment elements opened in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture on Friday.

This time, I enjoyed a journey from Asakusa to Tobu Nikko on the new limited express “Spacia X” by Tobu Railway. On the way there, I rode in the luxurious cockpit suite, and on the way back, I relaxed in the comfortable compartment seats. I’ll showcase the attractions of each seat and the stunning views from the windows! (ITSUKA JAPAN)

In the past, the center of Hyogo Prefecture was 'Hyougo-no-Tsu' (now Kobe City's Hyogo Ward). Did you know that the first prefectural office was located here and the first governor was Hirobumi Ito? The 'Kobe Incident,' which led to Ito's appointment, became an international issue that introduced the term 'hara-kiri' to the world.

Mount Fuji's Shizuoka side opens for the climbing season today, following Yamanashi Prefecture's opening on the first of this month. The climbing season is now in full swing.

In the Adachi Ward of Tokyo, the Nishiarai Daishi Temple, known for warding off evil spirits, is hosting the 'Wind Chime Festival,' a quintessential downtown summer event.

Oriental Land, the operator of Tokyo Disney Resort, revealed plans to launch Japan's first Disney cruise in the 2028 fiscal year.

The morning market in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which had been unable to operate due to a fire caused by the Noto Peninsula earthquake in January this year, resumed operations today at a local commercial facility.

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