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Seven-Eleven Joins Pizza Delivery Service

TOKYO, Jul 05 (News On Japan) - Seven-Eleven, a major convenience store chain, has entered the pizza delivery market with a focus on delivering freshly baked pizzas. Delivery staff from Seven-Eleven, carrying large backpacks, are now delivering piping hot pizzas.

The new service offers two types of pizza: Margherita for 780 yen (including tax) and Teriyaki Chicken for 880 yen (including tax). Both are sized to serve one to two people.

Currently, the service is being tested in approximately 30 stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Starting in August, it will expand to around 200 stores nationwide, including in Hokkaido and Kyushu.

The quick delivery time is a key selling point. Daisuke Yui from Seven-Eleven Japan stated, 'Almost all items in the store can be delivered within 20 minutes, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.'

Once an order is placed through the app, the pizza is immediately baked in-store. The freshly baked pizza is then delivered to the customer within 20 minutes by delivery staff.

The ability to complete the transaction at the time of order and deliver from the nearest Seven-Eleven store enables this swift service.

Regarding the high standards set for this service, Yui explained, 'Considering our over 20,000 inventory locations (stores), we see an advantage in being able to deliver freshly baked hot pizza to areas that previously couldn't be served.'

Taichi Horibe, an expert in the restaurant and food delivery industry, commented on the 20-minute delivery service: 'Even for pizza specialty shops, the standard delivery time is usually 30 minutes. I think convenience stores can achieve shorter delivery times under the condition of making and delivering nearby.'

Source: FNN

News On Japan

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