Japan to see price hikes in food and tobacco products from October

Japan Times -- Oct 01
Japan will experience a rise in prices on some food, services and tobacco products from October. Partly due to a spike in global raw material prices, the hike deals a further blow to households hit by fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Friday, dairy producers Meiji Co. and Megmilk Snow Brand Co. will increase the prices of their margarine products as international prices have soared due to a surge in global demand and lowered output in major producing areas due to poor weather.

For Meiji, the retail price will increase by up to 12.8% and the Megmilk Snow Brand will pass on a bump of up to 12.2%.

Food and beverage maker Ajinomoto AGF Inc. is increasing the price of its 40 coffee products, estimating they will soar some 20%.

According to Ajinomoto AGF, it expects the inflated market rate to remain for the time being, citing the anticipated recovery in global demand for coffee with economic activities gradually resuming after the pandemic.

Under the government’s repeated state of emergency declarations over the pandemic since spring last year, people have been asked to refrain from nonessential outings while businesses were asked to temporarily shut down or shorten their operating hours.

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