Japan edges closer to intervention in yen

kitco.com -- Jun 11

Japan's government and central bank said on Friday they were concerned by recent sharp falls in the yen in a rare joint statement, the strongest warning to date that Tokyo could intervene to support the currency as it plumbs 20-year lows.

The statement underscores growing concern among policymakers over the damage that sharp yen depreciation could inflict on Japan's fragile economy by hurting business activity and consumers.

But many market players doubt that G7 member Japan will step in soon to directly prop up the yen, a diplomatically fraught and potentially costly course of action that last occurred 20 years ago.

After a meeting with his Bank of Japan (BOJ) counterpart, top currency diplomat Masato Kanda told reporters that Tokyo will "respond flexibly with all options on the table."

He declined to say whether Tokyo could negotiate with other countries to jointly step into the market.

The G7, of which Japan is a member, has a long standing policy that markets ought to determine currency rates, but that the group will closely coordinate on currency moves, and that excessive and disorderly exchange-rate moves could hurt growth. ...continue reading

Jun 11 (TBS NEWS) - 財務省・金融庁、日本銀行による緊急の「三者会合」が開かれ、最近の円安進行について「憂慮している」との共同声明を発表しました。  ...continue reading