Japan passes bill to prevent exploitation of young people in porn


Kyodo -- Jun 15
A bill to prevent young people from being exploited in pornographic productions was passed into law Wednesday, marking a step in efforts to end abuses of those involved in the industry in Japan.

The bill, which will mostly go into effect a day after its promulgation, allows people who agree to appear in pornographic content to terminate their contracts at any time before the film's public release without conditions, as well as up to a year afterward. ...continue reading

Jun 15 (ANNnewsCH) - 参議院本会議では、子ども政策の司令塔を目指す「こども家庭庁」を新たに設置する法律やアダルトビデオへの出演強要被害を防ぐ法律が可決・成立しました。  ...continue reading

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