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Over 30 endangered green sea turtles found with 'bleeding' neck wounds

ウミガメ30匹以上“刃物”で刺されたような傷 沖縄・久米島

republicworld.com -- Jul 18
In a shocking incident, at least 30 endangered green sea turtles were found with wounds on their neck on Thursday, near the remote Japanese island of Kumejima in southern Okinawa prefecture. The sea turtles are reported to be on the verge of death, in fact, a few of them are already dead.

The incident was reported by the locals living near the Kumejina island. After discovering the bodies, the locals informed the police. Soon after receiving information, the Okinawa Prefectural Police's Naha Police Station sent local officers to the scene to investigate the matter.

Marine biologists and other workers from the island's Sea Turtle Museum also rushed to the beach after the turtles were discovered. However, by the time the team of the museum reached the spot most of the endangered turtle were lying motionless on the beach.

According to the Kumejima Municipal Government, at least 30 sea turtles were found in the Maja area on the east side of the island in the early afternoon of July 14 during a low tide, reported news site The Mainichi.

According to The Mainichi, the turtles were reportedly bleeding and barely breathing. While some of the turtles had sting marks, some of them were entangled in nets used for fishing.

Jul 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 14日、沖縄県にある久米島の海で死んだり傷付いたりした30匹以上のウミガメが見つかりました。  ...continue reading

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