Japan's Fujitsu opens pet office for more cuddly experience

New Straits Times -- Sep 25

Japan's armies of "salarymen" were famous for spending endless hours at the office. Now, one tech giant is trying to make the experience more cuddly by allowing in pets.

Fujitsu Ltd, which makes everything from air conditioners to super computers, opened an experimental "dog office" in July at one of its buildings in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.

Teleworking in Japan increased from 10 to 28 per cent between December 2019 and May 2020, though still lower than many major economies, based on Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development data.

But after more than two years of the pandemic and as infections subside, there are signs the pendulum is swinging back towards in-office work.

In particular, teleworking among people in their 20s and 30s has fallen rapidly, according to surveys from the Japan Productivity Centre.

Fujitsu's dog office, separated from standard working areas and operating on a trial basis until the end of the year, has workstations for three employees and space for up to six dogs at a time.

It also features stain-proof carpets and a range of pet supplies. ...continue reading