Japan’s AirDo and Solaseed Air complete merger

TOKYO, Oct 04 (smartaviation-apac.com) - Japanese carriers AirDo and Solaseed Air merged their operations on Monday to cut costs and create a stronger business in the face of greater business uncertainty.

The two carriers in a joint statement say the merger took effect today and that each will retain their respective brands but come under a new holding company - RegionalPlus Wings.

They say the merger will reduce costs through joint maintenance and procurement of aircraft.

AirDo has around 93 employees, serves 10 routes and operates eight Boeing 737-700s and four Boeing 767-300s.

Solaseed Air has around 930 employees, serves 14 routes and operates 14 Boeing 737-800s. ...continue reading

Oct 04 (ANNnewsCH) - 北海道を地盤とする航空会社のエア・ドゥと九州や沖縄を中心に運航するソラシドエアが経営統合し、記念式典を開きました。  ...continue reading