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The best places to visit in Japan before swarms of tourists arrive

KYOTO, Oct 09 (businessmirror) - After almost three years of Covid-induced border closures, Japan is finally opening up to vaccinated tourists from most countries, with no need for quarantine, PCR tests or visas. And with the yen making hotels, restaurants and shopping more affordable, demand is sure to be high.

No list of Japan’s travel spots would be complete without mention of Japan’s ancient capital and home to centuries-old temples and shrines, art and exquisite cuisine.

A beloved tourist destination for Japanese and overseas visitors alike, the city of 1.5 million has had a love-hate relationship with its popularity, as its narrow streets and limited public transportation were under strain from heavy tourist traffic pre-Covid. And even if it does get crowded, there are enough off-the-beaten track options to explore, such as the National Museum of Modern Art.

A recent visit to the 1,200-year-old Kiyomizudera Temple overlooking the city saw only a handful of visitors, on a weekday. There’s new stuff too; Mario fans can visit the former Nintendo Co. headquarters that’s been transformed to a hotel that’s just opened this year complete with a library, bar and spa. ...continue reading

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