What is the Japanese Netflix horror film Re/Member about?

ustimespost.com -- Feb 14
Japan’s new Japanese horror film Re/Member could be the perfect thing to put at the top of your watch list.

This teenage scream is based on a popular horror manga series called Karada Sagashi by Katsutoshi Murase and Welzard.

The live-action film follows a group of six high schoolers who are trapped at their school overnight while being hunted by a creature known as the “Red Person.” Various body parts of a dismembered victim are hidden throughout the school and the group must find them all before time runs out or the Red Person kills them and they have to start the deadly day all over again.

It’s a horror-style time loop movie with an added “game” component that should appeal to fans of things like Alice in the Borderland and even the Blumhouse franchise Happy death anniversary. ...continue reading

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