Japan inn in hot water for bathwater bacteria 3,700 times the limit

基準値3700倍のレジオネラ属菌も…福岡の老舗旅館 湯の交換…年2回

FUKUOKA, Feb 25 (Japan Today) - A century-old ryokan traditional inn in southwestern Japan has only been changing its hot spring bathwater twice yearly, leading to legionella bacteria levels as much as 3,700 times over standard limits, local officials said Friday.

The Daimaru Besso inn in Chikushino, Fukuoka Prefecture, which says in its website that its past guests include Emperor Hirohito, posthumously known as Emperor Showa, is suspected of providing false information about the frequency of bathwater replacement. Local ordinance says such water should be changed at least once a week.

The inn apologized on its website for causing concerns, while noting that it has resumed the operation of its main common bath since the end of December after meeting hygiene standards.

According to the Fukuoka prefectural government, the case was brought to light after legionella bacteria was found to have caused an individual, who had visited multiple locations including Daimaru Besso, to fall ill. ...continue reading

Feb 25 (ANNnewsCH) - 福岡の老舗旅館『二日市温泉・大丸別荘』では、去年8月と11月に保健所が行った検査で、浴槽内から最大で基準値の3700倍のレジオネラ属菌が検出されました。  ...continue reading

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