River in Western Japan known as "picturesque destination" suddenly turns lime green

CBS -- Jul 06

A river in western Japan suddenly turned bright lime green Wednesday morning, concerning locals and prompting a quick investigation.

Video shared on social media and obtained by Reuters shows a local woman walking her small dog along the strangely-colored Tatsuta River in Nara Prefecture's Ikoma city. The woman told Reuters that the situation was concerning.

The Tatsuta River connects multiple areas in the region – Ikoma City, Heguri Town and Ikaruga Town – and is known as a "picturesque destination mentioned in poetry since ancient times," according to travel company Navitime.

The colored water was first reported at 5 a.m. local time, and by 6:30 a.m., the city's Environmental Conservation Division had arrived to inspect further. Initially, officials warned against people using water from the river for agricultural purposes.

But by Wednesday evening local time, officials revealed that the cause for the sudden color change was sodium fluorescein, "the main component of coloring agents used in bath salts," according to officials. There had been traces that the red substance had been dumped into the river, they said, that "turned green when water was poured on it." ...continue reading

Jul 06 (ANNnewsCH) - イヌを散歩させていた女性が目の当たりにしたのは、生駒市内を流れる竜田川の水が蛍光色の緑に変色した姿。現地を取材してみると、川の広範囲が変色していました。  ...continue reading