Dazzling Ducktail Haircut At The Iconic Blue Velvet’s Barbershop | Hiroshima Japan

HIROSHIMA, Jul 14 (HairCut Harry) - Are you ready to see a Ducktail Hairstyle at the iconic Blue Velvet’s Barbershop in Hiroshima, Japan?

It was such a pleasure to meet and film with legendary barber Hideki Kakinouchi! Mr. Kakinouchi opened the iconic Blue Velvet’s shop over 30 years ago which specializes in classic hairstyles - Pompadours and Ducktails.

The artwork adorning Blue Velvet’s walls immediately captures your attention upon entering the shop. Created by a friend, the hand painted tigers and dragons are pieces of art that add a touch of timeless beauty to the atmosphere.

Over the years, Mr. Kakinouchi has been a successful entrepreneur with several businesses that combined his passion for barbering, fashion, and vintage cars from the 1930s to 1950s.