Rainy season over in Tokyo area and northeastern Tohoku region

TOKYO, Jul 22 (NHK) - Japanese weather officials said on Saturday that the rainy season appears to be over in Tokyo and surrounding areas as well as the northeastern Tohoku region.

The rainy season ended three days later than average and one day earlier than last year in Kanto-Koshin, which encompasses Tokyo. It ended two days earlier than usual in southern Tohoku and six days earlier in northern Tohoku.

Wide areas from western to northern Japan experienced sunny skies on Saturday. Weather officials expect fine weather to prevail in the coming week in Kanto-Koshin and Tohoku.

Heatstroke alerts have been issued for the western prefecture of Hyogo and the southwestern prefecture of Kumamoto along with most of Kagoshima in the same region.

Weather officials are warning that temperatures could be higher than average across Japan from Wednesday onward.

People are advised to use air-conditioning where appropriate and keep hydrated to avoid succumbing to heatstroke.

Jul 22 (ANNnewsCH) - 気象庁は22日午前、関東甲信と東北地方が梅雨明けしたとみられると発表しました。  ...continue reading