Airlines rejoice as Hong Kong-Japan travel spikes

An estimated 186,300 Hong Kong visitors traveled to Japan last month.

TOKYO, Jul 31 ( - Despite the continuous rise in ticket prices between Hong Kong and Japan, the demand for air travel has not slowed down one bit as flight searches in July and August from Hong Kong have revealed that over 45% were to destinations in Japan.

Of these many searches, the top Japanese cities of interest were Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. These cities trailed in popularity alongside places like London, Seoul, Phuket, and Kaoshiung. And while bookings reflect great interest, Hong Kong visitors to Japan reached nearly 90% of pre-pandemic levels in June, becoming the fourth-biggest group of travelers.

While an estimated 2.07 million visitors to Japan that month, South Korea topped the podium with approximately 545,100 visitors. Although there is quite a difference, Hong Kong still served 186,300.