Osaka ramen shop ordered to remove dragon's tail

OSAKA, Oct 28 (News On Japan) - A court in Osaka has ordered the removal of a protruding tail of a three-dimensional dragon signboard outside a popular ramen shop in Osaka's Minami district.

A real estate company that owns the adjacent land claimed that the "tail part of the three-dimensional signboard and the eaves are overhanging onto the neighboring land" and sued the operating company of Kinryu Ramen for its removal.

The dragon signboard was created around 1992, and depicts a giant dragon's face and body on the front of the store, while the tail portion sticks out from the side wall.

Kinryu Ramen argued, "If it's removed, the brand image will be greatly diminished" and is considering an appeal.

The dragon is a popular spot for photos.

A local resident commented, "I hope they keep this impressive feature. Watching and enjoying it is also one of the pleasures of this town. The dragon itself has an image of a deity bringing fortune and work blessings, so if its tail is cut off, it feels like such blessings would also disappear. It would be a waste."