Exploring Harajuku, The Center of Japanese Pop Culture!

TOKYO, Nov 18 (Ordinary Adventures) - We are exploring the Harajuku, this is one of the most kawaii areas of Tokyo Japan. But before we get to the cute stuff we’ll explore the beautiful and historic Meiji shrine.

We’ll start the morning with coffee featuring the most amazing 3d latte art from Cafe Reissue. On the iconic Takeshita street, we’ll try a bunch of the cute desserts, from sugar glazed strawberries at Strawberry Fetish to crepes with full cheesecake slices inside. We’ll also explore some of the stores and all the adorable Merch, including a gachapon store filled with over a thousand mystery capsule machines. We’ll even check out some of the local fast food options including Japan-exclusive McDonalds menu items. And we’ll end the night at a delicious gyoza restaurant in Shinjuku, see some street magic and finally witness Godzilla blow fire above Hotel Gracery.