Akio Toyoda steps down from leading Japan's automobile manufacturers association

The Toyota Chairman will be succeded by Isuzu's Masanori Katayama in the leading role of JAMA

TOKYO, Nov 23 (carscoops.com) - Toyota's Chairman and Master Driver Akio Toyota retires from his position as the chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) which represents 5.5 million employees from 14 automakers. Toyoda is the only official who led Japan's automotive industry for three two-year terms, being appointed in 2012, 2018, and 2022.

Toyoda is known for his cautious views on the mass adoption of EVs and autonomous cars, proposing a multi-pathway approach for the future of the automotive industry. Despite the criticism, Toyoda defends the slow uptake of EVs among Japanese automakers compared to rival brands, pursuing alternative routes to carbon neutrality.

Speaking about the critics, Toyoda said that the general attitude in society has changed. The outgoing chairman admitted that what pushed him forward was “the 5.5 million people who work on the front lines”, adding that “It takes time to change things”. His leading role in JAMA allowed him to promote the interests of local automakers and suppliers, for a longer period than any of its predecessors. ...continue reading